Whatever, your fitness level, boxing knowledge, or motive is, you are very welcome to join our classes. We offer six different boxing class options: Ladies, Childs, Junior, Girls in gloves, Seniors and One-to-One. All our classes incorporate boxing techniques, cardio, circuit training, and sparring (Sparring only in Junior and Senior classes).


If you have your own gloves, bring them along! But don't worry if you don't, we can provide gloves for you during the training.


Mon: 16:45

Mon-Tues-Thur: 17:30

Friday inclusive class: 18:00


Ages 10 to 18 counts as junior at our club. We are always open for new beginners!

Cost-£5 for the first session then £30 per month unlimited access to all classes and open gym.


Tue: 19:30  (BOXERCISE)

Wed: 18:00 (BOXERCISE)



All women are welcome no matter the age or fitness level. The most common questions we get from ladies are, "can I do this if I am not so fit?" or, "can I do this if I have no boxing experience?". The answer is, of course you can! A step up from your usual boxercise class, this class offers a comfortable environment for beginner ladies who are interested in more than just a good work out. The class will teach the basic punches, defence techniques and strategies for sparring. Like all of our other classes, it is a well-rounded course with cardio, boxing, and circuit training. (Also, without the stench of our male counterparts and better music.

It's up to you if you choose Non-Contact or a sparring option.)

Cost-£7 for the first session then £30 per month for up to two Ladies sessions per week or £40 per month unlimited access to all mixed classes and open gym.

Childs Class

Friday 5-10 Year Olds

First class: 17:00-17:30

Second class: 17:30-18:00

Ages 5 to 10 years old counts as a child at our club. Non contact, fun activity to develop basic technique and fitness level of 5-10 years old children. Fantastic for confidence boost and discipline.

Cost-£5 for the first class. Then £20 per month-one class each week.

          High intensity classes start at 17:00-17:30 If the student wants and still has energy to stay for second session 17:30-18:00 additional £5 fee will apply on a pay as you go basis.

Girls in gloves

Tuesday: 19:30-20:30

Wednesday 10-18 Year Olds

Wednesday: 17:00-18:00

Our sessions promote a fun and motivating atmosphere, that helps the girls learn the sport of boxing whilst increasing their confidence, fitness and self-esteem.

The classes are a combination of Pad Work, Technical and fitness drills and strength and conditioning.

For those girls that would like to try some contact sparring, we can also offer this in a safe and controlled environment with EB Level2 Coaches supervising, 16OZ safe gloves, gum-shields and Head-guards. If you are a good listener and train hard you can be promoted to Competitive England Boxing level.

Cost-£5 for the first class. Then £30 per month-one class each week.



Mon-Tues-Thur: 18:30

Wed: 19:00

Fri: 18:00


It is never too late to start! For our older students, the training includes warm-up, skip rope, punch-bag work, shadow boxing, light sparring, partner pad work... and if you still have some juice the session will carry on with our KO circuit training.

For the more experienced of you, the session will finish off with some sparring in the ring as long as you have your own gum-shield and wear headgear we provide. Minimum age is 18 years old.

Cost-£7 for the first session then £40 per month unlimited access to all classes and open gym.

One-to-One Boxing

One-to-One training is the best and quickest way to improve.

punch-bag work, shadow boxing, 1 to 1 technical work, pad work etc... and if you still have some juice the session will carry on with our KO circuit training.

Personal training based on boxing is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and learn how to box. We provide Introduction to boxing courses, 1-1 boxing for fitness and 1-1 advanced prep for competition.


Inclusive Boxing Friday: 18:00-19:00


Fun and safe Boxing For Fitness/Boxercise activity open to everyone who wants to get fit, train hard have fun and meet new friends. We are honoured to invite participants with Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Mental Health Difficulties to start their adventure with Boxing on Fridays and hope to progress to other days. There is always 2 free entries per session for people who meet the requirements.


Our Personal Training Coaches have some of the highest qualifications you can get in the UK. Between them, they have MPhEd, BPhEd, ABA level 2, ASA level 2, England Boxing level 2, basketball coaching, SEN teacher QTS, PT instructing and years of experience in sports coaching, fitness training, personal training and teaching PE. 


This program is dedicated to children and adults who struggle to control their anger.

Having years of experience working with students with emotional and behavioural disorders, challenging behaviours, unable to control aggression and finding it challenging to face consequences after an incident, we have decided to run this project using our traditional olympic sport to help those who need to learn self-control.

The program is based on two units:

1. In up to 5 sessions per week you will learn fundamental skills in Boxing and how to direct (release) your energy in different Boxing activities.

2. (Optional) Under coaches 1-1 supervision you will learn how to spar with a carefully selected opponent. Sparing will be in full safety gear, focused on self-control, respect to the opponent, coping strategies and constant feedback.

For more information on our anger management program please get in touch via the form on the site or by giving us a call.


Aside from one to one boxing lessons, our coaches Filip, Pawel, Greg & Rebecca are also available for personal fitness training. 

We Specialise in Boxing Technique, from Novice right the way up to Competitive Boxers and Boxing Specific Strength And Conditioning.​

We also cater to those that wish to get fit, lose weight, and build confidence and learn and new sport.

Our highly qualified and experienced team can meet the needs of anyone who wants additional attention  any day of the week.

Qualifications of our coaches: Master's Degree in Physical Education, Bachelor's Degree in Physical education, Enlgland  Boxing L2, Enlgland  Boxing L2, PT L2, Boxercise Instructor, SEN Teacher QTS.


For more information on our personal training in Winchester Hampshire and the surrounding area please get in touch via the form on the site or by giving us a call.