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The Winchester Boxing Club opened its doors in April 2013, since then it has managed to create a friendly core of hard-working men and women who attend the classes every week.

Within its first year of training, the WBC managed to send two of their boxers to their first fights, both members won! So we are very proud of them and hopefully, they will carry on succeeding and will be joined by many more...

People tend to think that boxing training is mainly just punching each other in the face - but they are 95% wrong! Each session gives you a full body workout including skipping, technical work, bag work and some fitness circuit work, to wear out the bit of energy you'll have left.

All ages and genders are more than welcome to join us for our sessions. Come by and you can see for yourself and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as the rest of us do.


Whatever, your fitness level, boxing knowledge, or motive is, you are very welcome to join our classes. We offer four different boxing class options: Ladies, Junior, Seniors and One-to-One. All our classes incorporate boxing techniques, cardio, circuit training, and sparring (only in Junior and Senior classes).

Please note: To book a space on one of these sessions or check for availably please click here or visit our bookings page.

May WBC Timetable 2024.png

New members are required to fill out the club membership form available below. Members who wish to spar during sessions must have a medical form completed by a doctor. The medical form is also available for download below. Dr. Colin is based in Southampton and is willing to complete the form for a small fee.

Weekly Timetable


Filip, co-founder and Head Coach of Winchester Boxing Club, holds a Master's (MPhEd) and Bachelor's (BEd) in Physical Education, along with a postgraduate qualification in Special Educational Needs. He's an England Boxing level 2 coach and Swim England level 2 teacher. Filip moved to the UK 18 years ago, with most of his boxing career in Poland. He won the Silver Cup of Poland in Thai boxing in 2004 and a pro K1 fight in Croydon, UK. With over 19 years of teaching and coaching experience both in the UK and abroad, Filip brings a wealth of knowledge to the club.


Pawel, our head of competitive boxing and sparring, is a co-founder of our club and brings over 20 years of boxing experience to the table. As an England Boxing level 2 coach, he has competed as an amateur in both Germany and Poland, honing his skills and deepening his love for the sport. His dedication to mastering techniques and strategies has only intensified over the years. With Pawel at the helm, you can be confident that you're receiving top-tier training, guided by his extensive experience and unwavering passion for competitive boxing.


Leigh is an England Boxing Level 2 registered coach with 25 years of boxing experience, specializing in personal training and boxing conditioning. He's dedicated his life to boxing and continues to train rigorously, putting in at least two hours a day, six days a week. Leigh's expertise and commitment ensure top-quality coaching and conditioning for all his trainees.


Kev is a Level 2 England Boxing coach with a lifelong passion for boxing. His enthusiasm for the sport is evident in every session he leads. Kev’s dedication goes beyond coaching; he actively participates in training, setting a stellar example for the younger generations. His commitment to boxing and hands-on approach inspire everyone around him, proving that hard work and passion are the keys to success. 


Greg has dedicated 22 years to fighting sports, mastering freestyle kickboxing, Lau Gar Kung Fu, and boxing. A qualified black belt junior instructor and Level 2 boxing coach, he also holds certification as a boxercise instructor. Available for one-on-one sessions, Greg has been an integral part of our club since 2015, bringing his extensive experience and passion for martial arts to every training session.


Connor is a Level 1 England Boxing coach and an active boxer with experience in MMA, kickboxing, and boxing. His diverse background in various combat sports provides him with a unique perspective and a comprehensive skill set. Connor's dedication to the sport is evident both in his coaching and his personal training, making him a valuable asset to our club. 


England Boxing Level 2 registered coach. Ania has trained with us for 4 years. By giving 100% in every session she has developed her skills to the level that she is ready to share with our beginners boxers in wide variety of sessions and Personal Training. Ania has been a reliable link with Winchester University Boxing Association helping us to cooperate over the years.


Glyn is a Level 2 England Boxing coach; he also has the Boxing Awards Certificate for boxing pad work. With a lifetime interest in boxing and experience in and out of the ring, Glyn has a belief in the transformative power of boxing for all people, all ages, all backgrounds.


Coach & welfare officer. Ed is a registered level 1 boxing coach with over 12 years of experience in and out of the ring. He has both boxed and coached during his career in the Army from which he continues to share coaching and training techniques to help develop boxers of all ages and ability.

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