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Single Sessions

£12 for first session.

After you've had a single sesson to try boxing out you will be required to pay monthly.

We also offer a first come first serve FREE space in every session for people with a disability; from disadvantaged backgrounds & night shelter residents (Not supported by any organisation). Application/recommendation letter needed. One space per session to be pre booked - Please contact us before arriving.


5-18 year olds - £40 Unlimited access 7 days per week.

Ladies only classes - £30 per month.

18-118 year olds - £45 unlimited access 7 days per week.

One to one
Competitive Boxers

Single lesson - £50 an hour £30 for half an hour.

Competitive Juniors - Free*

Cometitive Seniors - £30 per month

*Competitive Juniors/Seniors - Minimum 2 bouts per season. Training 2x a day minimum. Beep test minimum level 13. Training 6 days a week. Access to al competitions and carded training at no additional fee. Weekly off-site sparring.

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